Keeping current with the latest trends can be a full time job, and if you already have a full time job, you know exactly how much time that takes from your day. Blogging can be a fun and exciting pastime that does not exert much energy from your daily routine. Perhaps you created a blog just for fun and use it as a way to keep up with family and friends. You essentially created your own social media network online. You update your blog basically when you feel like updating your blog. Maybe you are busy this week, maybe you are going on a vacation next week. Whatever the case, your schedule does not revolve around your website. But for some bloggers, their blog is their life, and timely updates are crucial. More info is available on how to update your blog and become a huge name like empower network.

Before committing to even creating a blog, you should be thinking about how often you will make updates. The key to a successful blog is consistency. If you start out making daily updates, expect to keep making daily updates, or you will likely lose viewers. In fact, you may even get some nasty comments from avid readers – they are a fickle group! Daily blog posts are difficult to maintain, even for hardcore bloggers. If your blog is meant to be laid back, you probably do not want to commit to daily updates. Therefore, do not start the blog with daily updates. Yes, we know you are excited to get started and cannot wait to post your first blog. And your second blog. And your third blog. You do see where we are going with this, right? But the drawback is that viewers see blogs every single day and they come to expect blogs every single day.

A better work around for this dilemma is to opt for a site that pre-schedules blog content and posts them on your behalf when you tell it to. This helps you stay consistent with the frequency in which the blogs are posted. It also helps you let off the steam when you just have to write something. When the excitement wears off and sometimes you are not motivated to write anything of interest or value, you will be happy you are not obligated to write a new blog post daily. Learn from the experts who have made this mistake (and many others!), space your posts from the very first introduction. Make sure you start something you can actually finish.